Efteling is currently open. The park opened at 10:00 and will close at 18:00. It's now 14:23 in this theme park. All data on this website is updated realtime. Have a look at the current wait times for example.

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Current wait times

RideWait time
De Vliegende Hollander30 min
Piraña25 min
Vogel Rok25 min
Baron 189825 min
Joris en de Draak25 min
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Top wait times today

RideWait time
Baron 189850 min
Bob45 min
Piraña45 min
De Vliegende Hollander40 min
Bob single rider40 min
Joris en de Draak40 min
Vogel Rok25 min

Top wait times week

RideWait time
Python150 min
Baron 189880 min
Bob60 min
Joris en de Draak55 min
De Vliegende Hollander55 min
Bob single rider50 min
Piraña50 min


DayDateOpening timeClosing time
Tue25 June10:0018:00
Wed26 June10:0018:00
Thu27 June10:0018:00
Fri28 June10:0018:00
Sat29 June10:0018:00
Sun30 June10:0018:00
Mon01 July10:0020:00

Downtime nu

Monsieur CannibaleOnderhoud34.4 uur

Downtime vandaag

Monsieur CannibaleOnderhoud34.4 uur